I’m now working on a major redesign that has a big impact on the website. I got shouted out for this. I did mess up and didn’t understand the ticket well enough, so I have to go back and redo some things. This time around, I didn’t freak out as I feel as though I know how to fix it and can figure out where to go from there. Back when I was newer, I feel like I would’ve freaked out. I’m mentally prepared this time.

I did a dev demo for the first time on the TileKit major project…

Great news this week! I got done participating in the Hackathon. I wrote up a post earlier regarding how fun this was!

This week, I also learned Typescript a little bit and implemented it into the code base as the company is beginning to transition to it. I worked with a developer I’ve never worked with before to answer some of my confusion regarding it.

I also got a few shout outs on our monthly retro! It feels great to know that I’m doing well.

I just finished participating in a Hackathon at my first dev job! I honestly didn’t think I would participate so soon, but I took a chance and put myself out there!

Being someone who has always dipped my toes in first instead of jumping in completely, I was honestly afraid that I wouldn’t be useful in a Hackathon team because I’m so new. Surprisingly, I was one of the most useful in the team! Not only did I help code an app to demo the project lead’s idea, I also edited the entire video! …

It’s been one month as a software developer.

This week I asked my co-workers for a track or a direction so that I know that I’m doing well. They all said I was.

I came into the company in June, so I have been in new hire meetings as well as quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily meetings. I feel as though I have spent more time in meetings than actually coding. I was afraid that I wasn’t contributing enough.

Maybe I did so many interviews that I feel like I’m still being assessed. This week, I realized that I need…

At the end of this week, I started to feel impostor syndrome, again.

This week, I worked on 2 tickets. They were both bugs from the repo. I was warned that this repo was extensive, and there’s a lot going on. The first bug was not replicable, so after 2 days of pair programming with my mentor, I learned how to “close” the ticket with notes on what we did. We closed the ticket as “bug not replicable”.

I am still working on the second ticket. The code has a lot of variables. Variables that are in other components. There…

My second week as Engineer I was pretty good! I’m getting used to the process of how to pick up a ticket, implement changes, all the way up to deployment.

I did mess up on QA for one of the tickets! I’ve learned to check my work better before doing a pull request on it.

I learned to use the “Lighthouse” tab on development tools. It’s pretty cool!

WIN — I wrote documentation on the process for future new hires and added it to confluence. Hopefully, this makes things easier for the entire team and the new person coming in.

Random — I joined their Adult Recess program during lunch and got to interface with other people from the company. Moving my body and being silly with everyone on zoom!

My first week as Engineer I went well!

I was thrown a ticket to develop that was a simple copy update. I was supposed to change the heading and subheading. The purpose of this was to learn the process of pulling down a ticket, working on it, testing it, and submitting it. Before I got to working on the ticket, the design team had some updates to make. As things come in engineering, the change was a bigger scope than originally planned.
There was more to learn about the app. “Bucketing the user”, working with cookies, etc. My manager pseudo-coded what…

Screening interviews are a way for a company to get a full picture of you and for you to get to know the company better. These didn’t make me nervous because I came into them knowing that they’re just an introduction. Always be yourself and always be honest because you want the company to be a perfect match for you. Some screening interviews ask technical questions, some don’t. Just like anything, the more screening interviews you do, the easier they become. Make sure to learn from all of them!

Here’s what I learned from doing 15 screening interviews as an…

Applying for a job after graduating from a bootcamp is a full time job! Not only do you have to do the normal job hunting chores, you also have to go to networking events and brush up on your coding skills. It took me 3 months of full time job hunting on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I know how difficult it is, and I wanna share what I’ve learned to hopefully help someone get through it easier than I did.

My journey:
145 applications
15 screening interviews
7 tech assessments

  • Take home code I had to debug
  • 2…

I’m building an e-commerce project using the Fake Store API. This API contains 20 items that include the item’s title, description, price, and category. I wanted the user to experience modern e-commerce with features such as add items to cart and modify its quantities.

At first I was adding a product they selected into a new array. I, then, mapped through the new array to display items in the checkout page.

The problem emerged when the user wanted to purchase multiple quantities of the same product. The current implementation made it so that when a user adds the same item…

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